Part 3: A Production Run for Amending Self

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The printed sheets for the construction of the mobius strip 'page' for Don Drake's "Amending Self"

The preparation of the möbius strip 'page' for this book was a bit of a challenge. I developed a technique for the first few copies which worked ok. As I approached this run, I wanted to improve the process.

Each strip is made from three components. A tab that acts as both the end-point connection and page mount. Two identical printed strips which when mounted back-to-back for the pages itself.

For the first copies I glued the printed strips to each other and left open a small amount at each end of the strip. Once this assembly was dry, I twisted the assembly into shape and glued in the tab to lock the strip into the final configuration.

The main problem with this it seemed, was that the strip was fairly stiff and it was difficult the neatly form the final piece.

As mentioned earlier to improve durability of the final work I went to a pieces of sheet steel for the tab rather than cardstock.

small pieces of thin sheet steel.

My new technique is to form the page shape with one strip and the tab, then wrap the second strip onto the assembly as a second step.

Partially assembled mobius strip 'page' for Don Drake's "Amending Self"

Mobius strip 'page' for Don Drake's "Amending Self"

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Part 6: Designing Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road

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A linoleum block carved to print a pattern of chicken tracks

I've been productive in the studio, but not specially focused on Why Did The Chicken. Today though I cut more linoleum using some ideas Rae Trujillo had.

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Part 2: A Production Run for Amending Self

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A stack of 'Amending Self' boxes, partially assembled

Production is moving along well. I just have to make the liners and do the assembly.

The label from a package of tin coated sheet steel

The more difficult part is making the möbius strip 'page'. In the past I've mounted this page in the box with a complicated tab created from card stock. But I've watched people interact with the work several times. The möbius strip seems to compel people to touch it to try and understand the structure.

So this time I'm going to try making the attachment tab out of sheet metal to make the finished piece more tolerant of audience curiosity.

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Main graphic showing a figure, repeated with different color and textural distortions

The Continuous Self

What do Star Trek and Atul Gawande have in common? more

A crane photoshopped onto the boom of a construction crane silhouetted against the Portland Oregon skyline

Playing to Portland

A bit of humorous verse for my friends in Portland OR more

Part 1: A Production Run for Amending Self

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I've started a production run of Amending Self. I want to submit it for 23 Sandy's Built.

I think I'll have to write a strong statement to connect this to their stated concept. I believe I can do it.

A stack of partially assembled boxes

Detail of a partially assembled box

Partially assembled boxes for Don Drake's 'Amending Self'.

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Draft versions of illustrations for Don Drake's book "Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road"

Searching For The Rhythm Of Creation

Choices are easy enough. Consequences though; there's the rub. more

A cell phone flashlight used to cast raking light on a foil stamping set-up to reveal surface details

The Cell Phone as a Bench Tool

Enhanced lighting for layout and positioning plus a quick and dirty light table. Don't put that phone away! more

Part 5: Designing Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road

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Iterations of a sketch of a chicken

Work continues on the illustrations.

Refine, refine, refine.

Workbench covered with evolving bits and pieces of the illustration for Don Drake's book 'Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road'

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An individual 'transporting' into a group

Who Am I? Star Trek's Theory of Consciousness

What happens to you in a Star Trek transporter? You travel from here to there in a twinkling! Or not more

Part 4: Designing Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road

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Detail of a draft illustration for 'Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road'

Work continues on the illustration for the book. Elements are printed and tentatively assembled allowing further analysis of the proposed text layout. Everything must advance together toward the final layout.

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Part 3: Designing Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road

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Plant border components for Don Drake's 'Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road'

I've decided to tackle the book imagery piece meal rather than as a monolithic scroll illustration. Here are some first pieces that might become part of a border.

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Part 5: Creating A Container for Two Books By Cari Ferraro

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I've covered the base shell of Cari's box and placed the two books in it to check how everything looks.

A box containing two paper bound books

Because of the nature of the book structures and materials, The books sag a little bit in their middles. Normally this is not very noticeable and it presents no problem at all for the function of the books. However, when putting the books into a box for final presentation, we have the box walls right at the edges of the books and this brings the feature to our attention. I'm afraid it makes the books feel slightly anemic.

I fiddled with some shims to see if the books would drape properly if I put something under their centers to make their top surfaces flatter. It looked like the strategy would work, so I made a pair of arched panels to put in the bottom of the box.

An arched lift-panel designed to level the top surface of a paper bound book when it is stored in a box

And with those panels in place and the books fit back in the box, the top surfaces are much flatter and the books feel stronger in their container!

A box containing two paper bound books with arched lift-panels underneath them

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A large, hand bound blank book filled with handmade paper

Two Bits of History

Two random bits of bookishness drifted across my field of view over the weekend. The differing fates of old books. more

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