The shed (without doors) in its final location.

Design lessons learned on a landscape project

Building a closet style tool shed is a fairly straightforward project. Integrating it into its site holds some hidden design problems. more

The Puzzle of Topical Art in 2017

An examination of goals, strategies, and difficulties including a detailed case study. more

Making a sawhorse mounted shaving pony

A Traditional Wood Carving Project

Inspired by the Unplugged Woodworkers Facebook group, I decided to try a traditional wood carving project; a spoon. more

Don Drake's "Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road" minibook prototype.

Designing Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road

This 2 month project naturally took 6 months. Here's the story of the creation of the scroll, Why did the chicken cross the road more

Test fitting books in a custom made box

Creating A Container For Two Of Cari Ferraro's Books

Cari Ferraro has requested a box to contain her paired artist's books Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer more

A Japanese fan

The Freedom and Responsibilty of Choice

A meander through of the problems and possibilities in writing for, and creating book art more

Don Drake's 'Amending Self' open.

Amending Self: Video Overview

This video shows the way Amending Self opens, and giving a brief summary of its origin and content. more

Many drafts of Don Drake's short story "The Day I Met George" stacked to show a few details at the top of each first page

Writing For Artists' Books

Bring your own voice to your book art works. In 3 days over 3 weeks you'll gain an extensive framework of principles, tools, and techniques allowing you to infuse your work with new dimensions. more

Main graphic showing a figure, repeated with different color and textural distortions

The Continuous Self

What do Star Trek and Atul Gawande have in common? more

A crane photoshopped onto the boom of a construction crane silhouetted against the Portland Oregon skyline

Playing to Portland

A bit of humorous verse for my friends in Portland OR more

Draft versions of illustrations for Don Drake's book "Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road"

Searching For The Rhythm Of Creation

Choices are easy enough. Consequences though; there's the rub. more

A cell phone flashlight used to cast raking light on a foil stamping set-up to reveal surface details

The Cell Phone as a Bench Tool

Enhanced lighting for layout and positioning plus a quick and dirty light table. Don't put that phone away! more

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