Friend and photographer Geir Jordahl stops in for a visit

Geir Jordahl shows Kate Jordahl's photos which will be presented to the Mayor of Funabashi, Japan by the Mayor Hayward, CA. Hayward and Funabashi are Sister Cities. more

Sunset in Dreaming Mind Studio

BA Meeting

Either we experienced a beautiful sunset during the December 17th BA Meeting, or observes. more

Boxes for many purposes in many designs

Proof boxes for photographs; Making bamboo closure buttons; Other stuff more

Prepared leather for several books

Holiday Orders

I feel like time is running out for my holiday orders. Another late night last night so I had all this leather cut and ready for paring when I cam in this morning. more

Preparing to reback the 4 perfect bound books into one volume

Calvin & Hobbes Mega Rebinding

I've taken the covers off the 4 volumes of The Complete Calvin & Hobbes and locked them up in preparation for backing them together. Problem is, the books have some swell and this leaves slight gaps where they meet. T... more

Assembling and doing the final sculpting of the bas-relief cover in preparation for covering in leather

Gift Grimoire

I've never laid leather onto a heavily sculpted shape like this before. I have a plan. Let's hope it works! But first, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an email from my customer. I'd like to add some magic-y symbols... more

The enpaper attachment to the book block

Charles Purvis' photography book prototype

These endpapers will be the main an additional attachment of the book block to the covers. They're made with an outer sheet of Mohawk Superfine text weight and an inner sheet of Mohawk Superfine cover weight, guarded ... more

Clamshell boxes for Julia Bradshaw's upcoming portfolio review

Here's Julia's beautiful green clamshell ready to wrap and ship. I think these thinner clamshells are especially elegant. But the thickness is dictated by the needs of the artist. more

Books in the world outside my studio

Oh! The sense of possibility in a classic used book store! On the right, my favorite shelves: Science Fiction more

Landmark Wisdom Course's event notebooks

Cut some of the materials for the 100 notebook order. Also did some printing today for some other jobs. more

Features of a notebook

1.5" capacity 8.5 x 5.5" notebook ready to ship. I really like this saddle tan/red slub color combination. more

Landmark Wisdom Course Steno Pad Covers

Parts for 25 steno pad covers have been cut more

Luftwafe Guestbook

A journal, diary and guest book are all ready for shipping today. If you’re ever in Bliss, TX I guess you could sign the guest book! more

Alligator Notebook

The ledger is shaping up. Ready for top stitching. more

Paring leather with a spokeshave

Paring leather with a spokeshave is messy business. This goatskin was just too thick overall for the steno pad cover ordered. more

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