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A guest book is an opportunity to use materials that may not be ideal for bindings that receive heavier, long term use. The Japanese paper on the cover of the guest book would not hold up well on a journal that may be carried around for a year. Guest books typically stay in one location, even if for a long time.

Large leather guest book

This customer had very specific requirements for the ruling of two 10 x 17", 400 page guest books for a Southern California country club golf course. Each entry needed to span both pages and include name, address, phone, e-mail and a long space for comments. Headings on every page, 3/8" rule spacing and ghosted club logos completed the picture.

A tango wedding? A first for Dreaming Mind, but firsts are stock-in-trade for a hand book binder. The customer didn’t require an exact color match but was looking for red shantung silk. These cloth end papers are much more interesting that the typical watermarked taffeta of commercial products.

Dreaming Mind’s most popular guest book design, this walnut and leather binding celebrates fine materials while honoring sound binding methods and always focusing on proper function.A guest book is most often seen open. Dreaming Mind guest books are designed with this fact firmly in mind. The pages in this book are 100% cotton, hand printed with watercolor.

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