Journals from provided paper

The inquiry: "I’ve found paper I’d like to use for a journal. Can you make a leather book from it?"

The result: a full crimson leather journal with gold title containing the provided paper. more

Business diary

Some customers like their annual business diary to be the same color every year. Others like to get something new each year. Ross Rucker chose chestnut goat and mohair green cloth this year. A very attractive combinat... more

Part 1: Journals

Today, leather is going down on a journal, a guest book and a diary. Also a notebook that’s not in the picture. more

Part 1: Notebooks

This fine 35cm alligator is on the bench for start of work on a 6 x 10" ledger. The rings will be 1/2" capacity and will be mounted on the short side of the ledger book. Goat skin interiors, this will be a fine piece. more

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