Wedding Memory Boxes

Cases for the two clamshell boxes to be given as wedding gifts in September are ready. more

My colleague Cindy Lee working in the studio

Cindy Lee shortening the fore edge of her mini-book. It would be quicker to cut it but she wanted the softer, torn edge for this project. more

Around the Studio

Material scraps after cutting the materials sets for my upcoming presentation at Foothill College: Digital Photography Bound with the Japanese Stab Binding more

18" x 60" Portfolio

This is the third attempt to make a side panel for a 61.25 x 18" portfolio for a single panoramic print. The other attempts were either failures, suspect archival choices or too expensive. This one still needs some de... more

Studio Equipment

I pulled my dry mount press out only to find one of the leveling brackets was broken. A weld let loose. Drilling and tapping the post to create a new attachment, since I don't have any welding tools. more

A hot stamped label with the stamping die made from an artist's signature.

Titling a photographers portfolio with the artist's signature

I had Sheila Morgan sign her name several times for me before she left our design meeting. I digitized the signatures and worked with them as I did design sketches. Selecting the best for the project, I sent it out to... more

Sewing the provided signatures for an artist's book

Creating a prototype artist's book

The folios have been sewn and now I'm considering how to go about backing the book block. Because of the thickness of the photo paper there is a fair gap between each signature. This means the backing materials will b... more

Just-the-Facts-Ma'am Notebook

You've seen them in every old police series-the classic flip top notebook. Handy and stylish, this notebook features a 1/4" capacity ring mechanism (manufactured exclusively for Dreaming Mind) and a pocket for... more

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