Planning Your Web Site: What's it all about, Alfie?

Notes about organizing a web site

On offer in this session is a day of discussing the how and WHY of websites. I'll do my best to break the technology and processes down into manageable bits.

But technology is only a tool. Web sites, like art and life, are about content and relationships. The real goal for the day is to open your imagination to the grand possibilities for your online presence and forge that kernel of inspiration into a plan.

Here again, I'll bring my 15 years experience designing and running web sites to your aid. Is your plan sustainable? Would it be more realistic developed in phases? How do you match your vision to your skills?

Join us for a 7 hour marathon of lively discussions and planning sessions. Leave with a new or refined plan for your web site and a clearer understanding of the tools necessary to realizing your goals.

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