Holiday Orders

Prepared leather for several books

I feel like time is running out for my holiday orders. Another late night last night so I had all this leather cut and ready for paring when I cam in this morning.

Leather pared and ready to past on a book

This journal has extra long squares at the fore edge to accommodate the requested pen loops. The leather is pared and ready to paste down.

Closing belt parts covered with leather and ready for installation in journals

Three of the current journals need closing belts. Here they are, drying after being covered in dark green goat.

Inside cover details of a journal with a closing belt and double pen loops

I've cut recessed areas for the pen loops to install inside this back journal cover. The request was for two pen loops which will hold both ends of the pen. I've also punched the slot to install the closing belt.

Four books freshly covered in goat skin and drying under weight

Well, four of the simpler project have their leather pasted now and are drying. All of them need names or initials stamped on the covers. They'll be ready to ship next week though, so they'll all be in time for gift giving as planned.

Holiday gift projects ready for shipping

I did the final work and packaged up a lot of the holiday work. It was stressful having so many jobs on my list with such close deadlines. This will pare the list down a bit.

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