Based on the title of Kate Jordahl's and Don Drake's fifth One Poem Series book, you might assume that it will build directly on the dialog from their third book, Wild Geese. But the losses the artists had shared that drove their discussions at the beginning of the series have been muted by time and effort. That unmarked road of the project is now largely known.

The title page and silver gelatin print included in the hard bound version of Kate Jordahl's and Don Drake's One Poem Book, Here

Photographs by Kate Jordahl
Poem by Gary Snyder
Afterword by Scott Lankford
Path The silver gelatin print included in Here

The poem selected this time, Gary Snyder's Here, is familiar in its imagery, placing us—as did the prior poems in the series—in ephemeral moments in the natural world. Then the poet looks beyond these experiences and poses a question which echoes back into the past and out to our futures.

This question overlays Kate's images and creates a new tension between place and the larger narrative that surrounds the captured moment.

'Leaning Tree', image 6 in Kate Jordahl's and Don Drake's One Poem Book, Here

'Train', image 8 in Kate Jordahl's and Don Drake's One Poem Book, Here

'Bird in Flight', image 9 in Kate Jordahl's and Don Drake's One Poem Book, Here

The poem's question is closely related to others that now preoccupy the two collaborators as they move closer to the completion of their project; What have we made, what have we learned, where do we go from here?

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