Foil Stamping

The final 3 Bill Owens 5 Decades boxes stamped with the portfolio tile on the spine and cover

Here is an example of titling with a custom die and 2 colors of foil.

To save cost on the die and prevent possible registration problems I had one die made for the cover and one for the spine. Then I carefully position two different pieces of foil and stamp both colors at once. The cover and spine are stamped separately.

Material and foil stamping sample card for an upcoming project.

When it comes to Hot Stamping, all materials are not created equal.

These two non-standard materials both take large solids quite well (an unusual ability). But the black cloth held the thinner type in silver better than the brown cloth.

Foil stamping on annual diary

Foil produces a more solid image on leather than on un-coated book cloth. Since a quarter-bound journal is typically a pairing of these materials, I usually stamp these projects on the lower left front cover???on the leather???as shown here.

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